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  • Aug 08,2015

    easy to recycle aluminum. Aluminum products in use almost no corrosion or only slight corrosion occurs, in the conventional materials used in industry, aluminum recycling value rate is highest. Aluminum-aluminum-products-use-recycled aluminum ingots and

  • Aug 05,2015

    Aluminum Mold compared with steel, has significant advantages: 1. light weight. Due to its density is only 36% of steel mold , low inertia, also during the production process, reducing speed is relatively easy,so can reduce the loss of machinery and

  • Aug 05,2015

    7075 aluminum sheets are used in the manufacture of aircraft structural and other requirements to high strength, high corrosion resistance and high stress structural parts, such as upper and lower wall plate, Purlin, bulkhead, and so on. After solution tr

  • Jul 31,2015

    Due to its unique properties, so aluminum products are widely used in construction of roofs, doors and Windows, frames, railing, store the container, and so on, gradually extends to areas such as decoration, both inside and outside the construction templa

  • Jul 28,2015

    aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum also called 5xxx series alloy aluminum, on behalf of 5052 aluminum, 5005 aluminium sheet, 5754, 5083 aluminium plate aluminium plate, 5A02l aluminum, 5A05 aluminum panels. Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy elements are mainl

  • Jul 23,2015

    Aluminum sheet cleaning steps as follows:    1, first rinse with plenty of water surface;    2, the use of impregnated with a detergent diluted with w

  • Jul 22,2015

    PVDF coated or resin coated. Some times the both side is coated with PVDF paint, and this is available;For the thickness of coating, usually we say single coated (4-20 micro), double coated (25-28 micro) and 3 coated (35-38 micro); For the picture of pai

  • Jul 20,2015

     What are the five major surface treatment of aluminum?Aluminum is now special widely used in the construction industry, especially decoration building materials. Aluminum beauty is concerned. So more manufacturers now are more concerned about aluminum su

  • Jul 17,2015

    Advantages include: aluminum composite panel is characterized by light weight and adequate rigidity, dissipation and noise, and its good decorative eff

  • Jul 15,2015

    How to Reduce the harm of aluminum to the human body, please start from the daily diet, nutritionists said: every day people will intake of aluminum from t

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