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Industry News
  • Sep 04,2017

    1.1060 circulo de aluminio, calidad profunda del dibujo, buena calidad de giro, Excelente formación y anodizado, sin cuatro orejas; Reflectividad 2.Exce

  • Aug 16,2017

    updates current China daily aluminum ingots prices ,with the China government policy limiting the production of aluminum ingots,the prices increase sharply.

  • Aug 08,2017

    aluminum checkered plates price Many customers will ask the question: why is the price of the tread aluminum plate so different? Today, we will popularize what

  • Jul 31,2017

    The aluminium oxide plate is placing the aluminum sheets inside the oxidation tank, and the aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum plate

  • Jul 24,2017

    For high-grade metal processing enterprises and chassis enterprises, 5052 aluminum is the most commonly used materials in the large amount of chassis and other

  • Jul 12,2017

    embossed aluminum coils One of our business is the production of embossed aluminum coil, the production of various patterns can be embossed aluminum roll patte

  • Jul 10,2017

    The aluminum plate pretreatment technology is produced with the coating and oxidation technology. It is used for coating or anodizing technology. It is the fou

  • Jun 28,2017

    Five bars pattern aluminum tread plate is a typical anti-skid pattern products, suitable for vehicle ships, mechanical platform pedal, workshop and cold stora

  • Jun 24,2017

    Definition The mirror aluminum sheets are aluminum sheets taking on a mirror effect by rolling, grinding and a variety of methods. The mirror aluminum sheet is

  • Jun 15,2017

    The wide range applications of Mirror aluminum Mirror aluminum plate is widely used in the modern life. Henan Mintai Mirror aluminum is widely used in lighting

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