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  • Dec 20,2017

    Today to introduce how to choose this good aluminum wafer/circle manufacturers in China, you can buy from the following aspects of the comprehensive conside

  • Feb 27,2017

    3004 series aluminum is belongs to aluminium-manganese alloy, strength higher than 3003, good formability, good corrosion resistance.

  • Dec 13,2016


  • Jan 14,2016

    Most ring pull cans are made of coating aluminium. They are widely used in all kinds of drink and canned food. The annual consumption of ring pull can is really huge. And the aluminium can has more advantage than tin can, for example, light weight, easily

  • Dec 17,2015

    Application: 1)Wall Curtain 2)Repaired Building 3)Dado,Separation Wall 4)Advertising Board, Signage,Shopfront

  • Oct 28,2015

    4' x 8' full sheet embossed diamond plate sheet. Mintai Diamond Plate's 48” x 96” diamond plate sheet is made from 100% aluminum and in mill finish (silver.)or painted black. Embossed aluminum diamond tread plate sheet is our best selling diamond p

  • Oct 16,2015

    The foil maintains an effective barrier against moisture and protects the tobacco from deterioration, aroma transmission and bacteria by sustaining a micro-climate in the package. With its non-returning dead-fold characteristic, aluminum can be formed to

  • Aug 05,2015

    Aluminum in Stock 1000 Aluminum 3000 Aluminum 5000 Aluminum 8000 Aluminum ,embossed aluminum diamond plate,stucco aluminum diamond plate

  • Jul 07,2015

    In Europe and America, 74% for aluminum semi, Japan even more than 90%. Now Mintai Aluminum will lead you understand the advantages and disadvantages of alumin

  • Jul 02,2015

    8011 H24 aluminum foil detailed information of our foil is as follows:1.Usage:Hydrophilic aluminum foil to be used for radiator, condenser ,evaporator and he

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