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  • Oct 09,2016

    Aluminum foil is one of aluminum foil rolling oils made by Cangzhou oil refining company in 1981 , from atmospheric straight-run kerosene as raw materials, high pressure hydrogenation desulfurization, denitrification and deodorizing, and then by distill

  • Sep 23,2016

    1050/1052/1060/3103 aluminum PS substrate for printing Name PS Substrate Coils

  • Aug 25,2016

    5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet - Superior corrosion resistance, good weldability, with excellent formability, makes 5052 Aluminum Sheet a common choice for chemical,

  • Jun 27,2016

    Decorative Wall Panels Brushed Aluminum Sheet Alloy NO. 1000 series:1050 1060 1070 110

  • Jun 07,2016

    Aluminum Sheet/coil/foil Price changes with the market,Here are some factors that influence prices. 1. Prices of Aluminum Ingots Aluminum sheet/coil

  • May 30,2016

    8079 aluminum foil is a flexible and unique metal with soft temper and attractive surface. It is an ideal product for applications requiring higher tensile s

  • May 13,2016

    Packaging aluminum foil is moisture-proof, airtight, light-shading, anti-correction, aroma-reserved, non-toxic, and other characteristics. What’s more,

  • Apr 28,2016

    The front-month aluminum contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange closed at Yuan 12,830/mt ($1,970/mt) on Monday. The last time the SHFE price was seen ab

  • Apr 21,2016

    Aluminum ingots price is rising rapidly which has little difference on the price of ACP.So it's also a good choice to use ACP in decoration field instead of

  • Apr 19,2016

    Alloy : 1060 1235 8011 Utility : air condition,refrigerator,automobile,bridge,electronics,adhesive tape,etc. ITEMS ALLOY

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