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Aluminum composite panel(ACP)


    Aluminum ingots price is rising rapidly which has little difference on the price of ACP.So it's also a good choice to use ACP in decoration field instead of aluminum sheets.
   Aluminum composite panel(ACP) is made of aluminum alloy and plastic material to feature great hardness, light weight and smooth service, provided with wide range of sizes, shapes, colors,and styles to offer broader options for construction design, in a bid to better meet the requirements of contemporary construction on light weight, elegant decoration and high hardness.

   Aluminum composite panel was firstly developed and produced by ALUDINGEN in German and improved by ALOCA in America. After 90s, the Output gradually becomes stable. As the aluminum composite panel is composed of two totally different materials in nature(metal、nonmetal), it remains the original features of the raw materials (metal aluminum,the nonmetal polyethylene plastic) and overcomes the deficiency of the materials which gains many excellent properties such as luxury, colorful decorating, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, fireproof, anti-hitting, sound/hot insulation, light weight, easy installation and so on that brings ACP a promising future. 
   Aluminum composite panel is widely used in all kinds of architectural decorations for its excellent properties, such as the ceiling, counters, the furniture, billboards, kiosks, elevators, stores etc. In developed country, it is also widely used in bus, train, sound insulation material of planes and ships.

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