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  • Sep 24,2015

    The 7000 Aluminum Alloy on Iphone 6s

  • Sep 23,2015

    Today we will show you the procuction process of aluminum circle.

  • Sep 23,2015

    ACP, also called aluminum composite panel, is new type eco friendly materials after lamination between aluminum alloy and PE plastic core. There is PVDF coating or PE coating. To protect the ACP for different usage. On top side of aluminum composite panel

  • Sep 21,2015

    Week aluminum ingots price from 9.14-9.18

  • Sep 17,2015

    AlcoaInc announced they will restart an aluminium smelters to meet the need of auto aluminium plate,as we all know,with the development of the tech,aluminum will take place of steel on car sooner or later.

  • Sep 12,2015

    Week aluminum ingots price from 9.7-9.11

  • Sep 10,2015

    Many look down on the Chinese Aluminum Market ,but Rusal President Oleg Deripaska don't agree with that ,he think china does face some risks including politics and other factors ,but there is no proble in the future.That may happen in New York or London,

  • Sep 07,2015

    Aluminum Ingots Price

  • Sep 04,2015

    Aluminum-Henan Mintai Aluminum►Aluminium profile ►Aluminium Machine ►Aluminum Alloys

  • Aug 30,2015

    BS EN 485-2:2007 specifies the mechanical properties of wrought aluminium and wrought aluminium alloy sheet, strip and plate for general engineering applications. BS EN 485-2 is the European standard that specifies the mechanical properties of wrought

  • Aug 30,2015

    This specification covers aluminum and aluminum-alloy flat sheet, coiled sheet, and plate in the alloys (Note 1) and tempers shown in Table 2 and 3, and in the following finishes: 1.1.1 Plate in all alloys and sheet in heat-treatable alloys: mill fini

  • Aug 30,2015

    standard specification for aluminum and aluminum-alloy sheet and plate

  • Aug 28,2015

    Recently the China Government has taking many measures to control the air quanlity to make the air blue back.but volume of carbon dioxide and other fuels steel trailer set off is very big.So the aluminum trailer will be the trend,though the price is high

  • Aug 22,2015

    As we all know, the iron will begin to rust after a long time , and aluminum would rust like iron?The answer is no, because the chemical reaction is different, aluminum surface will form the oxide film. In the process of aluminum processing, we can add

  • Aug 20,2015

    Massive blasts, which happened in a warehouse storing dangerous and chemical goods, hit China’s northern city of Tianjin on Aug. 12. What impact of the blasts on China’s aluminum prices?

  • Aug 19,2015

    Japan's spot scrap aluminum trade has slowed, with some dealers suspending spot sales as London Metal Exchange prices continued on a downward spiral, sources said Tuesday. LME official three-month aluminum contract prices, used as a reference to set s

  • Aug 17,2015

    while aluminum prices fell, many manufacturers have not yet cut output, partly because of government subsidies. While weaker domestic demand, stimulate a lot of aluminum exports to global markets. 28% aluminum exports in January-July this year, China incr

  • Aug 15,2015

    ACP is widely used due to its light weight, relatively high strength, easy for fabrication and installation. Starting from the last century 90 's, aluminium composite panel products in China developed rapidly, China's total production capacity is more

  • Aug 15,2015

    Zinc plays a role in several metabolic functions as well as immune function. Minerals such as zinc are inorganic elements naturally occurring in the earth. Zinc is available in many foods or as a dietary supplement. You can get zinc in your diet by consum

  • Aug 14,2015

    Aluminum has good chemical stability , not easy to make food odor and change food components and can effectively anti-moisture, and anti-UV, oxygen and microbial effect, can save food for a long time; aluminum is light weight, reducding the transport bur

  • Aug 14,2015

    In the Olympic sports, in order to make sports equipment to achieve the best performance, people have been constantly looking for and developing new materials, or improve the performance of original material. Aluminum stand out in the competition with ot

  • Aug 08,2015

    easy to recycle aluminum. Aluminum products in use almost no corrosion or only slight corrosion occurs, in the conventional materials used in industry, aluminum recycling value rate is highest. Aluminum-aluminum-products-use-recycled aluminum ingots and

  • Aug 05,2015

    Aluminum in Stock 1000 Aluminum 3000 Aluminum 5000 Aluminum 8000 Aluminum ,embossed aluminum diamond plate,stucco aluminum diamond plate

  • Aug 05,2015

    Aluminum Mold compared with steel, has significant advantages: 1. light weight. Due to its density is only 36% of steel mold , low inertia, also during the production process, reducing speed is relatively easy,so can reduce the loss of machinery and

  • Aug 05,2015

    7075 aluminum sheets are used in the manufacture of aircraft structural and other requirements to high strength, high corrosion resistance and high stress structural parts, such as upper and lower wall plate, Purlin, bulkhead, and so on. After solution tr

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