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Mintai Aluminum Industrial Co.Ltd.tell you how to maintain the single aluminum plate curtain wall during use


        How to maintain the single aluminum plate curtain wall during use, using life of single aluminum plate curtain wall is much longer , so in this period needs some wall body maintenance to makes it long-term show beauty and security of the buildings , single aluminum plate curtain wall has good self-cleaning, and anti-corrosion, so not need of long-term maintenance, but just cannot be ignored .

  (1) single aluminum plate curtain wall under warranty with the supplier organize regular inspections, visits, discover quality problems and eliminate that.

     (2) check the adhesives and gluing always, if single aluminum plate curtain wall off or damaged then replaced or repaired in time.
Currently domestic and imported silicone sealant is widely used in China and must be tested by the State designated unit testing the compatibility before use. Note that be sure to wait until fully cured (24h) when patching.

     (3) regular window cleaning machine for cleaning.

     (4) the surface maintenance: partial damage or scratch with refinish.


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