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Mintai Aluminum Industrial Co.Ltd.helps you know the performance of 6063 and 6061-T6


1、The key elements of 6063 alloy is Al-mg-SI , each element has a range of contents,and the magnesium’s price higher.

2、6061-T6 is called aviation aluminum, light weight, high strength, high production costs ,so it’s expensive which is the abbreviation 6061 Aircraft aluminum that T6 hardened, with good formability, weldability, and can be machined and, with moderate intensity,more importanly,has been able to maintain good operations after being annealed.The typical use has aeronautical fixed,truck, towers, boats, pipe and other architectural application which need to have strength, weldability and corrosion resistance. Chemical composition ranges 0.4-0.8Si, 0.70Femax, 0.15-0.40Cu, 0.15Mnmax,0.80-1.20Mg, 0.04-0.35Cr, 0.25Znmax, 0.15Timax, and other high content of 0.05 of each ingredient, and other components of maximum total content is 0.15.

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