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How to Tell the Difference Between 2A12 and 6061 Aluminum Plate


Aluminum alloy 2 A12 and 6061 are belong to the heat treatable, both after heat treatment is indistinguishable from the appearance. But the price difference is huge; probably differ in more than 10000 Yuan/ton. So the dealers use the 6061 instead of 2A12, how can you distinguish the two is a difficult problem for the users?



1. Hardness: 6061 after heat treatmenan you distinguish between them is a difficult problem for the users.t hardness is 90HB, while 2 A12, near 120 HB. Hardness large difference of the two, if you have the luminance measurement equipment, hardness can be measured.


2. Density: if you don't have hardness tester, don’t worry. There is a simple way to distinguish it: the density. The density of 6061 only reached 2.7, but 2 A12 because of the high concentration of copper alloy, near reached 2.78 to 2.79. You can according to the formula of aluminum plate weight, calculate the density of the product.

Weight formula: thickness (mm) * density (2.7/2.78) * (m) length * width (m) = weight

Closer look at the weight of the final product which one, so that we can distinguish

3.  If you still have questions, you can third-party testing, elemental analysis instrument to analyze the content of each alloying element and then facing the country is able to obtain standard alloy content be made.

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