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The Performance Characteristics of the Aluminum Foil Coated Carbon


 1. Significantly improve the consistency of the battery pack, significantly reducing the composition of the battery. Such as: batteries significantly lower dynamic resistance increase; increase pressure consistency battery pack; extend battery life; significantly reduce battery composed this.

2. To improve the bonding adhesion of the active material and the current collector, the pole pieces to reduce the manufacturing cost. Such as: improvement of aqueous systems using cathode material and adhesion of the collector; cathode material to improve the nanoscale or submicron order and adhesion collector; improving the adhesion of the lithium titanate or other high capacity negative electrode material and a collector; The pole pieces made to improve the pass rate, reduce manufacturing costs pole piece.

3. Reducing polarization, improve magnification and capacity, improve battery performance. As part of the reduction ratio of the active material in the adhesive, enhance g capacity; improved electrical contact between the active material and the collector; and reduce polarization, to improve power performance.

4. Protection set fluid, prolong the service life of the battery. Such as: preventing collecting extremely corrosion, oxidation; increase manifold pole surface tension, enhance performance and easy-coated electrode current collector; higher-cost alternative to replace the original etched foil or foil with standard thinner foil.



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