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The development of overheating ACP market should be standardized


      aluminum coposite panel
  aluminum coposite panel
        ACP is widely used due to its light weight, relatively high strength, easy for fabrication and installation. Starting from the last century 90 's, aluminium composite panel products in China developed rapidly, China's total production capacity is more than 200 million square meters, the actual production capacity is about 150 million square meters, is the largest in the world  country that produce and use of aluminum composite panels.
  In recent years, ACP overheated developing, a large number of business investments made aluminium composite panel products supply and demand imbalance. Outside walls of ACP (standard project board) as an example, only 20 domestic statistics annual output of 15 million square meters, this is almost 1/3 of the total national amount of curtain wall construction. According to this estimate, exterior wall panels of the national production of more than 50 million square metres of total curtain wall engineering. This means that even if all of the aluminum-plastic composite panel for engineering , there are imbalances between supply and demand. And the solution is to expand the international market, cull or merger of ineffective management, poor product quality enterprises.
  In recent years, aluminum composite panel industry is also affected by the impact of other new materials. For example, in external walls industry aluminum-plastic composite plate face the competition of aluminum honeycomb panels, pure aluminum plate, aluminum composite panel products etc. The solution of these problems is that speed up amendments to the product quality of aluminum-plastic composite panel and build standard specification for application and development of aluminum-plastic composite plate, research technology of aluminum-plastic composite plate.

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