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Which people usually lack of zinc?


High-risk groups 1: children with inadequate zinc intake during pregnancy. On the demand of about 100 mg of zinc during pregnancy, of which about 50% absorbed by the fetus and fetal zinc demand peaked in late pregnancy, if the mother's lack of zinc-containing foods in meals, the use of zinc is bound to affect the fetus, premature reserves of zinc is absorbed in the body, symptoms of zinc deficiency on after the baby is born.

High risk groups 2: preterm children. Preterm birth will cause children to lose their mother body stores zinc in prime time, resulting in congenital zinc deficiency.
High-risk groups 3: non-breastfed children. Zinc content of breast milk is very rich, up to 6~7 times the normal serum zinc concentration, this number is far more than the milk of high nutritional value, more important is the absorption rate of up to 42%, which no non-milk foods cannot match. Therefore, if your child is not breastfeeding, you should pay more attention to whether zinc deficiency!
High-risk groups 4: the picky or ADHD children. Love moving is the child of nature, especially in the hot summer sweat out every day up to 2~3 mg zinc loss, if your kids are picky eaters , that would inevitably lack zincs.
High-risk groups 5: the sickly child. Sickly child are loss of appetite, low intake of animal protein, causing zinc deficiency in food; some children due to illness of long relied on simple intravenous fluids are also vulnerable to inadequate zinc intake.
High-risk groups 6: there are also a handful of children, such as digestive and absorptive functions not well, easy to diarrhea children .

Zinc plays a role in several metabolic functions as well as immune function. Minerals such as zinc are inorganic elements naturally occurring in the earth. Zinc is available in many foods or as a dietary supplement. You can get zinc in your diet by consuming plant foods, since they naturally absorb zinc from soil and water. Animals also get zinc in their bodies when they consume plants. You can get zinc indirectly by consuming certain animal foods.

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