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Mechanism of Hot-Dip Aluminum and Organizational Characteristics


Executive dip aluminum is pretreated work piece is immersed in the molten aluminum bath holding a certain time taken to penetrate the surface layer of aluminum.


(1) The mechanism of hot-dip aluminum mechanism hot dip aluminum and hot-dip Dou mechanism is similar. When in contact with the liquid aluminum iron, since the phase boundary generated first FeAl3 compound; thereafter continues to spread, FeAl3 layer thicker, since the concentration fluctuations, Fe2Al5 FeAl3 micro area appears on the surface: With the further spread of the AL, Fe2Al5 phase expanding into columnar crystals, FeAl3 phase gradually reduced.


(2) Leaching characteristics of the aluminum layer of tissue resulting nitrided layer can basically be divided into two layers: the outermost layer of rich AL, the basic ingredients into liquid aluminum: sub-layer is AL, Fe alloy layer, mainly metal compound Fe2Al5 phase, further There are a few FeAl3, Fe2Al5 phase is a tongue extending into the steel. Fe2Al5 phase hard and brittle, as far as possible to dig its growth, the general scope of its control in the 1/10 nitrided layer as well. Control-dip temperature (700 ~ 730 ), adding 2% to 6% Be are beneficial in reducing the thickness of Fe2Al5.

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