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Doors and Windows Performance Knowledge


Aluminum clad wood windows and doors made of aluminum alloy outdoor section dedicated mold extrusion profiles, the surface of fluorocarbon coating, can resist the sun's ultraviolet rays and the nature of the various corrosion, can have a variety of colors and patterns for owners to choose, interior part through a special processing technology, high-grade quality wood, according to the requirements of owners choose the type of wood, the wood surface using the German high-quality paint coating, anti-UV, waterproof, anti-corrosion excellent green. Doors and windows for the use of profiles, deformation, can be coordinated with a variety of indoor decor, play a good decorative effect, and paint and interior decoration as a whole, form a line with a US-style and modern, since the indoor side of the block of wood profiles indoor and outdoor thermal bridge energy transfer, energy-saving effect is obvious.



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