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Application of aluminum sheet in machinery manufacturing industry


 Aluminum has low melting point and good casting property. The mechanical properties of aluminium are closely related to its purity. The strength of industrial aluminium sheet is low. But the aluminium alloy composed of aluminium and some alloying elements not only keeps the inherent characteristics of aluminium to a certain extent, but also significantly improves its hardness and strength. When some aluminum alloys are used as structural materials, their strength can exceed that of common structural steels; while others are used as die materials, their service life can exceed that of common die steels. Aluminum and many aluminum alloys have excellent ductility and can be used for various plastic processing. The machinability of any kind of aluminum alloy is superior to that of steel and pure aluminum, but the machinability of all kinds of deformed aluminum alloy and casting alloy is very different. Aluminum and its alloys are one of the most easily formed metals, but the allowable deformation of aluminum alloys is affected by their chemical composition, grade and heat treatment. Aluminum alloys have different formability from other metals because of their low mechanical strength and work hardening rate.

Aluminum sheets are widely used in the manufacturing of wheels, pulleys, centrifuges, fans, crane and pump parts, pistons and engine cylinders, as well as aluminum sheet stamping parts. This is because aluminium and aluminium alloys are characterized by not only low density, but also required strength and hardness, which can reduce energy consumption in mechanical operation, or greatly increase operating speed under the same energy conditions, and relatively prolong the service life of the machine parts. At the same time, the weight of the whole machine is reduced, the size is reduced, and it is more suitable for production, transportation, installation and operation.
Generally speaking, the main uses of industrial aluminum sheets are the following industries: construction industry, container packaging, transportation, power industry, food industry, machinery and equipment, durable consumer goods industry, etc. In the past 20 years, aluminum for building, automobile and packaging has become the three major uses of aluminum in developed countries.

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