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insulating aluminium coil specification and package


 The packing of insulating aluminium coil should be selected according to the specifications and sizes of the products. For box-type packing, the product can not be crushed or moved after the box. The packing box can be made of wood, multi-layer board, fiberboard, metal and other materials. The packing box should be clean and tidy, with sufficient strength to ensure that it will remain unchanged during storage and transportation. The nails in the wooden packing box are arranged step by step, and the nail tips can not be exposed. The nail caps and nail tips should be turned over to avoid stabbing aluminum foil during storage and transportation. The height of the base should meet the requirements of forklift transportation. After the inspection of the aluminum coil products is qualified and the seal is covered, a strong neutral or weak acid material should be wrapped around the outside, and adhesive tape or tape should be used at the joint. Label sealing. Soft padding on the end pad to protect the end face of the thermal insulation aluminum coil. Add desiccant, cover with plastic bag, plug the part of the plastic bag beyond the aluminum coil into the core, seal it with a suitable size plastic plug and put it in the packaging box. After the product is packed, it is covered with a layer of moisture-proof paper or plastic cloth, put it on the packing sheet, and then cover it. Steel tape should be used to seal the box. The steel strip should be strapped firmly.

Thermal insulation aluminium coil is a product with large export volume. MINTAI AL ,The export packaging is usually fumigated derrick. It is fixed by steel strip on the outside. There are two layers of damp-proof rain cloth on the outside of the aluminium coil. The damp-proof agent inside is prevented and sealed packing is adopted. It is suitable for sea transportation.

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