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The Classification and Performance Comparison of Forging Aluminum Alloy



Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloys can be divided into two types of cast aluminum.

Wrought aluminum is not melted aluminum billet hot or cold forming; molten aluminum is poured into the mold and then its liquid aluminum casting.


Forged alloy grades naming was proposed by the American Aluminum Association (AA) in 1954, has been widely accepted and adopted, China has also adopted and follows the naming and learn the status of the United States Code specification developed for the relevant norms. Different grades of strength forged aluminum alloy, ductility, corrosion resistance and other characteristics due to its chemical composition (add a small amount of aluminum elements and other elements) differences in the content varies. 4xxx series which is mainly used for welding materials, not included in the comparison range. In addition to the influence of the chemical composition, forged alloy subsequent treatment will have a great impact on its mechanical properties. In faculties in aluminum alloy, 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series is heat treatable aluminum alloy, commonly used method of heat treatment (T); other faculties non-heat-treated aluminum alloy, commonly used cold hardening (H) and other methods of treatment. 6xxx series contain magnesium and silicon elements, the series aluminum alloys have good corrosion resistance and strength of steel with Q235 similar and easy extrusion, aluminum extrusions most structures are used in the series, such as 6061 -T6 aluminum, aluminum alloys are widely used in space structures.


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