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The common Material types of Aluminum Ceilings



Aluminium materials used in ceiling is all aluminum alloy,for there can be no pure aluminium (aluminum is too soft, strong enough). But because of different alloying content resulting in mechanical properties of the alloy is different, currently the aluminum materials used for aluminum ceiling is approximately divided into five categories:

First type: aluminum-magnesium alloy, also contain some MN, the advantage is a good antioxidant capacity, at the same time because of the manganese content, it offers strength and stiffness, is the most ideal material for ceiling.

Second type: aluminium-manganese alloy, slightly better than the material of aluminum-magnesium alloy of the strength and rigidity. But the antioxidant capacity is slightly less than aluminum-magnesium alloy. If there is a protective treatment on both sides, basically solving the antioxidant capacity .


The third type: aluminium alloy, the alloy has little manganese and magnesium content. So its strength and rigidity are lower than aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminium-manganese alloy. Because its soft is easy to machine and as long as it can reach a certain thickness, then it can meet the most basic ceiling flatness requirements. But the antioxidant ability is not as good as the aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminium-manganese alloy and easily deformed during processing, transport and installation.

Type IV: ordinary aluminum alloy, mechanical properties of such materials is not very stable.

Type V: aluminum processing plant dissolve aluminum ingots into aluminum plate and doesn't control chemicals. Due to the chemical composition is out of control, these materials are very unstable, leading to serious irregularities on the surface of products, product variants, and is easily oxidized.

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