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The advantage of aluminum alloy trailer


 In Europe and America, 74% for aluminum semi, Japan even more than 90%. Now Mintai Aluminum will lead you understand the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum trailers.

Aluminum alloy semi trailer advantage

From material Shang for, phase compared steel business trailer, aluminum trailer can effective achieved vehicles overall light quantitative, makes hosted performance upgrade, upgrade transport efficiency; while, mount equal weight of goods, operation also of line, due to weight light, aluminum trailer achieved excellent of fuel economic; Furthermore, aluminum melting point low, easy heavy melt recycling, value-added consumption, green environmental, meet national low carbon economic development target.

 Compared with a steel car cost

Used under the same conditions, aluminum trailers and ordinary steel cost differences include: purchase price, maintenance costs and vehicle recycling.

Purchase price: 90,000 mainstream steel trailer, semi-trailer 190,000 common 13 rice bar, new car price is 100,000. Scrap car price differentials 13,500. Remove axle, aluminum coat about 2 tons, is now about 13,000 yuan/tons of waste aluminum market, price: 2 ton X1.3 = 26,000 yuan/ton. General trailer tops part 5 tonnes, in accordance with the recovery price of 2500 Yuan per ton, 5 ton trailer recovery price X0.25 million = 12,500 Yuan/ton.

In the trailer needs to be maintained. Assumptions: regular trailer maintenance fee of 10,000 yuan a year, aluminum trailer maintenance fees slightly higher, say 15,000 yuan, more than 5000 Yuan in annual expenditures.

To sum up, two trailers in total cost comparison: aluminum trailers more than 91,500, also spend 5,000 yuan/year of maintenance costs.

More about how long it will take to earn back the money?

Through a case we have to carefully calculate the Bill. Baotou altogether 170 km back and forth to a nearby yard, coal, freight and 70 Yuan/ton, back vent. According to axle weight, weight 55 tons of 6-axle trailer car, other conditions are the same. 4.4 ton aluminum trailers, General trailer weight is 7.5 tons. Aluminum trailer < 3.1 tons of ordinary trailers. Returning empty of light weight, reduced tolls, fuel consumption.

To: Dora 3.1 tons of coal, each time more profit 3.1X70 Yuan/ton = 217 return: weight reduction of 3.1 tons, with an average fuel consumption of 2 l/100 km; oil: 2 X85X7.2=12 l/100 km; toll: 20 Yuan. Than steel trailers earned 249 Yuan/times

In accordance with the owner introduced, General 1-2/day trip, taking into account factors such as attendance, assuming 30 times/month, that number 7470/month. Each year more than ordinary aluminum trailers-trailers-earned profits totaled: 249/trip X30 trip X12 -5000=84640 Yuan/month. Benefits than ordinary aluminum trailers-trailers-84,640 Yuan/year, recovering the cost of 12 months.

Compared trends calculated the actual operating costs, of course there will be part, but cannot see the advantages of aluminum trailer, 1 year pay costs could not be recovered in time, but in the long run advantage is obvious.

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