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The Performance of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels


 The reason why aluminum honeycomb panels set into the honeycomb panels, of course, has its characteristic location, what is aluminum honeycomb panel has the properties:

(1) Fire:
Aluminum is non-combustible materials.

(2) Corrosion:
Aluminum honeycomb panels are covered with an epoxy fluorocarbon treatment, with strong corrosion resistance.
Salt spray 48 hours no pinholes, cracks, bubbles

 (3) Environmental protection:
Aluminum honeycomb panels are established products, non-volatile any harmful gases, non-radioactive and can be completely recycled, full of environmentally friendly products.

 (4) Removal of aluminum honeycomb panels easily assembled without dismantling bad plate. Because of its light weight, easy to transport solid can be transported to a different place repeated use. This is the other partition plate can not be compared.

Aluminum Perforated Panel 

Aluminum Perforated Panel

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