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Performance of Aluminum Windows and Doors


Windows and doors are an indispensable part of the living room. Today, the doors have gone through wood, steel, aluminum, steel doors and other four ages.


Wood windows and doors affordable, poor appearance, sealed poor, fear of fire flammable, deformation cracking, apply only to low-level, general place of application, high maintenance costs, life is short.


Aluminum doors and windows with ordinary doors and windows, steel doors, steel doors compared with the following main features:


(1). Processing convenience, ease of production industrialization, aluminum doors and windows processing, production, assembly can be carried out in the factory, is conducive to product design standardization, serialization, commonality of parts, product commercialization.


(2) High strength, stiffness, and durability.


(3) Corrosion resistance, ease of use and maintenance. Aluminum windows and doors do not rust, does not fade, the surface does not need to paint, less maintenance costs.


(4) Beautiful color. Aluminum door frame profile surface oxidized material shading can be as silver, bronze variety of colors, dark red, dark gray, brown and other colors or with patterns, but also painted decorative film polyacrylate resin surface brightness.


(5) Good sealing performance. Airtight, watertight, sound insulation are good, and good thermal insulation.


(6) The quality of light. Aluminum doors and timber province, light weight, the amount of aluminum per square meter with an average of 8 ~ 12kg, and steel doors and steel consumption per square meter on average 17 ~ 20kg.

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