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hot rolling mill


According to the aluminum products,the cast ingot hot rolling mill can be divided into:thick plate,special,aviation,clvilian common.It can be divided into two rollers and four rollers according to the roughing mill and the single frame hot rolling mill.Hot rolling mill can be divided into single reeling and double reeling according to the type of reeling.Single frame double - roll hot rolling mill is a combination of roughing rolling and finishing rolling.In addition to the weak cost competitiveness of the aluminum cold rolled for mother rolls of aluminum cans, the rolling mill can produce all the plates and coils of aluminum alloy.

The rolling mill production line, namely (1 + 1) hot rolling mill, consists of 1 set 2 roller or 4 roll roughing mill and 1 set 4 roller hot finishing mill.The multi-frame hot rolling mill production line consists of a reversible hot roughing mill or plus 1 set hot finishing mill and two to six racks comtinuous together one set hot finishing rolling mill.It is characterized by large yield, stable process, high productivity, high quality of products, stable product quality and excellent plate type.It can produce all aluminum alloy sheet and strip, it is the main stream of aluminium and aluminium alloy cold rolled.Inluding the 5052,5754,5454,5083,6061,7075,7050,6063,5005,5086,8011,1100,1060,1050,3003,3105 aluminum plate,aluminum coil and the mother coil of all aluminum alloy.

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