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Disqualification cause of the mechanical properties of aluminum and solutions


 ① Aluminum extrusion temperature is too low, too slow extrusion speed, temperature profile at the outlet of the extruder reach the solution temperature, would not achieve the solid solution strengthening effect;


Profiles at the outlet of a small wind turbine, wind enough, resulting in slow cooling profile can not be reduced in the shortest possible time below 200 , so that premature precipitation of coarse Mg2Si, so that the solid solution phase decreased, affecting the profile after the heat treatment mechanical properties;


Ingot component failure, the ingot of Mg, Si content is not up to standard requirements;


Ingot homogenization treatment is not so Ingots Mg2Si precipitated phase can not be re-dissolved in the relatively short period of time squeeze, resulting solution is not sufficient to affect the product performance;


Improper aging process, hot air circulation or thermocouple mounting position is incorrect, resulting in inadequate or over-aging aging.





Reasonable control of extrusion temperature and extrusion speed, so that profile in the extruder outlet temperature is maintained at a temperature above the minimum solution;


Strengthen air-condition, conditional factory atomization cooling device can be installed, in order to meet the minimum requirements for 6063 cooling gradient;


Strengthen ingot quality management;


Ingot uniform treatment;


Reasonably determine the aging process, thermocouples installed correctly, properly placed profiles to ensure the smooth circulation of hot air. 

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