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Aluminum sheet work piece rinse Necessity


Aluminum sheet work piece caustic rinse is not complete. Caustic lye into the aperture when such failure within a rinse after oxidation treatment lye will flow out of the eyes of pro-cylinder, resulting in an oxide film perforations around corroded. Qiao live around the eyelet of aluminum sheet work piece. When aluminum tapping screw is astringent, the operator often painted live steep lubricated, if when caustic lye lack emulsifier, it is difficult to live steep divisible. The alkaline solution of aluminum ion accumulation caused by high fault A reader asked about calls work piece after alkaline etching conductive oxide film is difficult to obtain reasons by many factors After conductive oxide film is difficult to form the exclusion, taking into account whether the alkaline solution. There are too aluminum ion problem, the caller said alkaline solution is very thick. But fast enough alkaline etching. Then replace aluminum alkaline solution, alkaline solution because after prolonged use will accumulate excess aluminum ion, aluminum ion at the surface is difficult to elute, which affects the contact surface with aluminum conductive oxide solution, which affects the oxidation forming a film.



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