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Five metal elements affecting the performance of Aluminum alloy


1.  the impact of copper
Copper is an important alloying element, there is some solid solution strengthening effect, in addition to aging CuAl2 have a significant aging strengthening effect. Copper aluminum content is usually 2.5% to 5%, copper content of 4% to strengthen at best 6.8 percent, so most of the copper content is in this range duralumin.

2.  Impact silicon element
Alloy balance Al-Mg2Si alloy phase diagram of Al-rich department Mg2Si maximum solubility in aluminum is 1.85%, and with decreasing temperature reduction is small, deformation of aluminum alloy, the silicon added separately limited to the welding of aluminum materials, silicon added aluminum in some degree of strengthening.

3.   impact of magnesium
Strengthening of magnesium to aluminum is remarkable, every 1% increase in magnesium, forward-liter tensile strength of about 34MPa.

4. impact of manganese element
Manganese maximum solubility in solid solution is 1.82%. Strength alloy solubility increased, the manganese content is 0.8%, extending the maximum rate. Al-Mn alloy length of age-hardening alloy, which can not be heat strengthened.

5.  impact of zinc
Al-Zn alloy to balance the Department of Al-rich phase diagram 275 department zinc solubility in aluminum is 31.6%, while its solubility in 125 dropped to 5.6%. Zinc aluminum added separately, in the deformation strength aluminum alloy premise very limited progress, while there is stress corrosion cracking tendency, thus limiting its application.

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