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Threaded aluminum cover for 8011 aluminum foil


 Aluminum is widely used in the packaging industry. Our common aluminum foil packaging bags, wine bottle caps, medical caps, etc. can be made of aluminum alloys. Common threaded aluminum caps generally use 8011 aluminum foil, which is simple in appearance, well-made, pollution-free, good in sealing, easy to open, and has high recyclability, which is loved by customers.

The threaded aluminum cap is made of 8011 aluminum foil, which has high ductility and is suitable for stamping. 8011 alloy is used as a bottle cap material, with good barrier properties, good sealing performance, easy processing and forming, and low ear rate. It has been widely used in Liquor bottle caps, red wine bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, milk powder caps, medical caps, beverage caps, etc.

What are the requirements of threaded aluminum cover for 8011 aluminum foil:
1. Surface requirements: the board surface is flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains, which is convenient for later printing.
2. Performance requirements: The requirements for the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the material are very strict, otherwise cracks or creases will occur during processing.

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